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The 78th China International Medical Equipment Expo in Kunming
 Nov 02, 2017|View:140
Our company took part in the 78th China International Medical Equipment Expo from October 29th to November 1st, 2017 in Kunming. As the most broad Expo about medical products and service in Asian-pacific region, the expo attracted top experts from all the places in China to talk about commerce. It is a big international expo integrating technology with trade and information.
Our company showed series products of open surgical devices and endoscopic devices. Disposable endoscopic cutter stapler has attracted many customers from mid-east region because of its special appearance and low cost. The old and new customers all think highly of our company. Their approval and trust to our company touched us. As a saying goes, “The more expectation, the more duties.” Our company will keep forward and dig a new road.
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