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Welcome Spring Together---National Investment Promotion Conference for exclusive product- Guanchuang Disposable Endoscopic Cutter Stapler
 Mar 15, 2016|View:145

Time :2016/03/23(Wed.) 09:00 to 2016/03/23 17:00

Deadline for registration: 16:30, 22nd of March
Address:Room2615, Donghuan International Building B, Tiexi district, Shenyang city, Liaoning province.
The exclusive sponsor of the salon is Guanchuang Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. It is undertaken by Group Medical Entertainment.
The following is arrangement:
9.30:【Host】:Shiyu Pan
10.00:【Manager】Yang Zhao:The prospect and the condition of use at home of disposable endoscopic cutter stapler
10.40:【Yang Zhao】Watching animation about disposable endoscopic cutter stapler and the characteristics of the products.
11.30:Lunch【Longfu Fast Food】
12.40:Showing series of products of Guanchuang.
13.00:【Marketing Department】Huan Liu:Introducing series of products.
13.20:Ask and Answer。
13.50:【Huan Liu】Supportive policies towards the market
16.30:Dinner【Miss Zhao’s Restaurant】
18.00:【Same Song】Cheer Up!
Contacts:Shiyu Pan 13842651858
Decun Han 13940092989【logistics】
All friends from other cities will be arranged to live in Green Tree Inn.
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