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The Annual Meeting in 2016 in Guanchuang Medical Technology Company
 Feb 01, 2016|View:116

Fighting Together for Better Future

——-the annual meeting for Guanchuang

Time flies. The year 2015 has gone and the year 2016 is coming. Laborious and intelligent staff join together on January 1, 2016 to summarize the achievements and shortcomings and look far ahead into the goals in the future.
The annual meeting started with a game called counting to three. It made all of us to enjoy the relaxation and happiness. Next, the general manager Ye gave his speech. Several sentences affirmed our achievements, put forward the expectations and showed his confidence for the prospect of company. He hoped that all the staff will continue to exert themselves, and keep innovating and making progress.
We also arranged the lottery, which made applause and hurrah keep going. We also arranged several programs, such as dancing and songs, comic dialogue, sketch and so on. It provided a stage for staff, made them dig their talents and enriched our lives. The party ended at the atmosphere of harmoniousness, joy and happiness.
“Timely snow foretells a bumper harvest.” We congratulate all the customers to have a good prospects and a harmonious family!

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